Art That Tells a Story


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Community Show – Art That Tells a Story, which runs April through June 2024

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Ann Heap Awakening, Annalise Kiser World Encircled, Senk Fallen Moth, Senk Sunlight At A Cliff House, Senk Life Ablur, Senk Winter's End, Rachel Rebecca Mr Evil Dum Dum, Donna Tizol Watershed, Donna Tizol Mermaid Musings, Joe Tizol Across The Street, Joe Tizol Burning Detroit, Prints Of Neil Thorne's Valley Of Senedo, Prints Of Fallen moth Senk, Prints Of Sunlight At A Cliff House Senk, Kiser Woodcut, Weber Quite A Hike!, Weber California, Weber Penguin, Check's In The Mail, Carroll Late Night Search, Carroll Unfinished Project, Carroll Unexpected Competition, Prints For Enchanted By Ross, Smelser _ Bereaved


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